Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The generations of women of faith

Faith Blessings Fabric Journal

Catherine Elizabeth Rhode Riebeling-
 My great grandmother
Anna Ellen Bauer Riebeling- My Grandmother
The Bauer Sisters and Family
Katherine Elizabeth Riebeling Graft
Constance and Katherine-
 the button was once in my

 grandmother's button box
                                    Virginia Denninger Sisters- 
                                       Sara Jessica and Laura
Three generations of Denningers

Great Grandmother Bertha
 and daughter Helen Denninger

In April 2011, I was inspired by the work of creative artist-Rebecca Ersfeld- to create a fabric journal of the women of faith in my family.  Using upholstery fabric swatches, I fashioned "pages" in a fabric book held in place with grommets and O rings. I added in things from the button box or treasure box.  We printed copies of the antique and new photos onto a transfer medium that allowed the photo to be printed onto muslin. With the O rings more pages can be added. Pockets were placed on each page or a place to slip in a manila tag that tells the pieces of the story as we know it or collect it. Just to know the names and the faces--- just to know a piece of the story of these women of faith becomes a blessing.  May we learn to be better tellers of our own stories of faith.

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  1. good pictures and explanation! thanks for sharing your creativity and your family's faith walk.


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