Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dancing Light Mosaic

A Day can't start bad when you wake to see
 this blooming on your dining room table
 How does magic like this happen over night?
 gather together some Valentine Day
 things together in one spot
A favorite purchase from Glory Be in Occoquan, Virginia
Simple and eloquent
 then TODAY  I captured the dancing lights in the living room.
The glass hurricane has caught the winter's sun on just right sunny days
 and sparkled light prisms all the way around the room.
  I would walk through and see them and them get busy "Doing"
 and come back to take a picture
and then it would be too late and they were gone.
So for days I have hunted the sparkles and either I was not home
 at the right time or just missed them somehow-
or cloudy overcast mornings kept the magic from happening.
But today--- it was here....
 Too bad you really can't capture all the rainbow hues set on the walls and furniture.
But, at least I have proof that it isn't "my imagination".
you can see a little of the color here
And then a dear friend stood at the classroom door
 holding tulips, card and
Bonnie has always had "heart love"
and her creative talents were lent to paper and fabric
 Valentine greetings have eternal generosity
 attached with the verse from 1 John 4:9-11
 gorgeous tulips in a tin pitcher......
 isn't it wonderful when friends
 can give you tin and know it warms your heart?
  the tale and story of how the factory
 that made the tin  was "her family"
and Kreamer means something very personal now
And two heart cards are added to my collection -
 the gift of a friend who sees hearts as the Big Picture story
 of all that Jesus has done and continues to do in her life.
And a reminder to me- no matter what--
 tell the metanarrative story
 even on snapshot days of dancing light mosaic.


  1. Your amarlyis is beautiful! Mine is one day away from blooming (we must have planted at the same time). I thought it might bloom on St. Valentine's Day, but I am still waiting.

    And I love your dancing sparkles!

  2. So beautiful! I hope it is still blooming when I come home next weekend! Thanks for sharing!

    Love yoU!


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