Thursday, August 16, 2012

Still Life

Begonia- boliviensis--
 introduced in 1864 from the Bolivian Andes

Summer winds down and the scurry of back to school begins to gear up.
 Still miss that start up excitement of getting a classroom ready for students.
  But don't miss the anxiety of "feeling you can't get it all done".
Rudbeckia-Black-eye Susan
Right now-- reading Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership- By Ruth Haley Barton.
Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry.  Need to explore a little more about the word Crucible.

Coleus- Pink Chaos
    A favorite quote from today's reading-

Spiritual leadership springs forth in grace
from our very desire for God's presence.
This does not take effort or striving. It takes courage,
 a kind of showing up, attentiveness.

Gerald May, 1998 lecture.

Such vibrant colors and fine detail
 of God's etchings in each leaf
                         Lord, I pray that your Spirit allows me to Show Up. And Looking at the handiwork of your nature still life scenes----- let me know that in the mix of it all-

 it is STILL- LIFE.

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