Friday, August 24, 2012

Visual Prayer Cards

In this new time of ministry- how does transition work?
Where to begin?
New people to meet- names to learn.
The only way that has made sense
 in the rush of change has been to stop and pray.
And so we begin-
by stopping
 to pray.

a 4 by 6 card
using mixed media artist's paper
a non-bleeding Fine point Sharpie in black
and colored pencils

Using graph paper
 cut into 4 by 6 card size

Selecting a Bible verse to center a visual prayer

then copied before sending in a card
 so that the prayer may be continued.

Placed in a small photo album
Portable and changing

Covering those in ministry in prayer
 Lifting them to the Lord for His
mighty Hand to preserve, protect and guide.
Be strong; take heart. Don't quit.
 Stay with God.  Psalm 27:14

And a prayer for my own heart

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