Friday, November 9, 2012

Burlap Bubble Wreath

A little bit of Fall Texture

Burlap Bubble Wreath
 with Fall Floral Picks

While visiting middle daughter Laura and her husband Joshua in Las Vegas, got into a little crafty mood.

made her a  burlap bubble will try to give you a quick look at how I made it.........

Burlap yardage that the nursery sells there for hauling and moving trees and bushes
so we just used what was on hand...... pulled a thread to get a straight grain and cut 5 inch strips
Cut 5 inch squares-
(bright light I know--
 but had to make this sitting

 by the pool in 80 degree weather)

Cut strips 1 1/2 inches wide to wrap the styrofoam wreath base-
40% off coupon at Michaels's
and this one had squared edges rather than round sides
 secure with GREENING pins-
we got these from a friend who owns a flower store-
thanks Susan!!
(can also get them at Michael's)
 also added florist wire at this time for hanging
Pull the four corners onto the greening pin
 to make a bubble and secure into wreath base-
 you can do this all sorts of ways -- they all seem to end up with it looking ok

add bubbles -- filling out the sides of the wreath--
 with a burlap covered base - anything "showing" is still burlap 
Almost done!
We liked the neutral colors of the burlap and just added some fall foliage picks-
(Hobby Lobby - 50% off sales)
 then when it is time for Christmas decorating, just pull out - (I didn't glue them in)
and add
Christmas Greens or floral picks in your favorite Christmas decorating colors.

Got to love an all- around, all-purpose wreath base!

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