Monday, November 12, 2012

Flying High Sabbath

With a quick yes, I replied that I would love to go for a ride in a glider.....

in the sky,  that's "no engine",

way up high.

So on a beautiful and sunny November day
 in the Shenandoah Valley
we drove a few miles to the air strip
 and some friends had arranged
a "time in flight"
And we spent the afternoon watching these gliders take off and land

And then it was my turn.....
 and why was he telling me about all the instruments....
the guy behind me was flying this plane.... right??   right???

And suddenly I had the excitement of AMELIA

Just about cleared for take off

The small plane with an engine takes off pulling the glider with a rope.
 At 5000 ft they drop the tow rope.
 and we are on our own...  Flying high.  Wright brother style.
And I am thinking Kitty Hawk.
We flew the valley between the Allegheny Mountains
 and the Blue Ridge Mountains, right over Waynesboro, VA.
And then the pilot says, "You want to fly it?"
And I mumble, "You are kidding, right?"
And he says, "Nope, I'll talk you through it."
And so we turn left and glide right and dip down and lift up.

The plane that DH got to ride in 
was styling German engineering and a
$90,000 price tag.

I was airborne when he took off.
 But I got to see him land.
A quick shot as they were almost
 out of the plane before I could get close enough.
Soon sunset came quickly to the valley.
And later, on our drive back home I asked him,
"Did you pray before you took off?"
  "Me too."

and we decided that even though
 we don't have a bucket list 
that maybe we could start one-
 with one thing already crossed off the list.

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