Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year Musings

Hmmmm..  A Glad new year. 
 Maybe a new word to look at 2013. 
 Glad that this past year is behind us
 and glad for the clean slate new perspective.
The vintage New Year Postcards that I will share
 in the next few days are all from 1901-1911.
The view of at least 100 Glad New Years since they were posted.
Some years in this past century were perhaps not so Glad.

 Clocks are certainly a useful visual 
when looking at the next collection of days on the calendar.

A Happy New Year. 
 Is that a here and there viewpoint or an overarching umbrella for the year?
What is that like to count a whole year as Happy?

Is that the portrayal of a serene scene with pristine Winter snow?

To Wish someone a Happy new Year. 
 Is that more than the hope of a blessing?
Is it only a desire? 
 When does it become a prayer for someone else?

How did they think life would change in the next 100 years
 from the need to use horse drawn power to do the chores?

So what is a thoughtful approach to 2013?
I keep coming back to the readings
 I am on from Amy Carmichael in I Come Quietly to Meet You.

My reading today is a  focus on these verses.

"The Lord reigns."  Psalm 9:7

"..and the righteous stand firm forever." Proverbs 10:25

...and the fruit of righteousness shall be peace;
and the effect of righteousness will be quietness and
confidence forever." Isaiah 32:17

When the clouds cover the sun, it still shines. 
There is still gladness.
When our feelings quiver and God seems far away and absent-
the eternal has Not changed and His promises still stand.

And His strength over His creation does not suffer
 when we fail in our human weakness.

In any of my doubts for a glad and happy year....
the Lord reigns,
 and in a quiet prayer..

"Dear Lord, 
 I will anchor my self,
 my thoughts, and my will in these facts..
You rule.
 You rule in heaven and on earth.
You call me righteous, because I am in Jesus, your son.
 No matter what it may seem, I will stand firm forever."

And that is a great start to a new year.

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