Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spring Crafting in the Neighborhood

 Catching up with some creative things lately.......

My friend, Julie-one of
the "Ann Voskamp Girls"  came over to make an
art canvas
 with some of our favorite quotes.

We watched the video series of 1000 Gifts this Spring-
finished it and then decided we just need to watch it again.

And we will.

This is the canvas I had put together as a visual  for a retreat in April.

Earlier in May we gathered to make a small Spring Bird or Tweet  canvas.
We shared some of our favorite Pinterest recipes
 and bid farewell to a creative crafting friend- Robyn- 
moving to San Francisco with her Coast Guard spouse.

Robyn and her lovely daughter Natalie.

She will more than likely start her own neighborhood craft group out West when she gets settled.
I forgot to take photos of the projects until after most had left our evening together.

But here are a couple of the evening's creations.

We used Mod Podge to add vintage sewing tissue to the background for texture.

Had the birdies for our "tweety" gathering, 
some old IDEALS magazine for aged paper,
 old buttons, one trims and embellishments.

Always amazing to see what a group
 makes out of the same stack of materials.

And a tiny little bit of art-
 packs a punch of encouragement with the Nehemiah verse-

for the joy of the Lord is my strength!

There is nothing in me that generates the power to complete anything-
 it is indeed humbly to be reminded
 of just how much my weakness allows His strength to be poured out-
May this transfusion bring HIM GLORY. 

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