Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Little Bit of Queen

I usually don't get to enjoy these late summer beauties very much. Dear Hubbie is very allergic to these graceful lace stars.  I didn't know it early on in our time together and had filled vases of them on tables for our rehearsal dinner celebration. Of course,  he always contended he was not "allergic" to them.

But, minutes of sneezing continued long enough for me to remove them. And be forewarned. And so.. my sweet love affair as been from afar every since.

They are so delicate and arranged with symmetrical  precision. I can remember all the "experiments" that we did with these flowers growing up.  Food color in tall glass vases in a variety of colors- and plunking in a handful of flowers into each glass. And waiting and watching for them to change color.  Oh, I loved the pink ones. and the blue too...

We used to cut whole bunches of them for our mom and she graciously received them with a sweet Thank You.  A weed along the road way for some. But, they will always be the flower that could adorn a grand court in my book.  Sweet sweet Queen Anne's Lace.



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