Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11/13 Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father- ABBA,

On this day- remembering the heart wrenching news of twelve years ago,
when we watched the skies as terror reigned the day.
Not much is really worth sharing these dozen years later-
other than - YOU- are still God,
and the hope that the Good News brings still changes lives.

I pray that I might see all the relationships in my life as precious-
and tenderly care for each one, every day.

Bless my words that they might bring healing and restoration
and Create the space for growth and harmony.

Because I have two choices, Lord.

All of my actions and all of my words either lift up,
build, make new- CREATES-
by the very breath and heart of your Goodness.

Or each and every action tears down, removes
or DESTROYS- the very real passion of the EVIL ONE.

Protect me, Lord. Guard my heart.

Because the evil one cannot create Goodness,
he can only rob or take away Goodness in my life.
He is the JOY ROBBER.

Grant me the wisdom to not be swept away by the luring
of a tempting world, with riches, power and fame.
Keep me steadfast. Keep me FAITHFUL.

And in Your Grace and Love for me, you have pursued me to
 be a part of the story of YOUR WORK in the world.

 For Gifting me to be a First Responder to a hurting
 and lost world.

 By the power of Jesus,
 I can tell about the healing that His Love brings
 in the GOOD NEWS- GOSPEL- to me.

Oh such grace, such grace, to me.
Oh Bless the Lord.



  1. Beautifully written, my friend! Miss you much!

  2. love seeing your sweet family and thankful that this 9/11 has Tim home with his family


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