Sunday, October 6, 2013

Julie and Martin- Part Two- The Outdoor Details

You can never quite see the full effect of a wedding reception
 unless you get out a bit and see the surroundings.

 The site for the reception for Julie and Martin Nord- 
near Ann Arbor, MI
 gave us some wonderful etxra sights to explore at their venue.
 These photos may not make it into the wedding album--
 but sure would be fun to pull out some day for the "grands".

and here is Dracula-
 this photo does not do justice to just how big she was

 the kids explored every nook and cranny right onto darkness

and even some of the grown ups strolled the grounds-
Cousin Jessica and Uncle John

and a simple beauty in the setting of red on the earth

and plays of light

And had to wonder a bit the difference of FAST DUST and SLOW DUST

And all in all the setting sighed with grace upon the 
blessing of two of His children-
united by a shared love and a common faith-
 to begin 

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