Friday, November 22, 2013

Holders and Connectors

"In this world there are "holders" and there are "connectors." Holders treat their resources, time and materials like precious metals that need to be saved for "best." Connectors, on the other hand, are great at making introductions, offering resources, referrals or other services simply because they can. If knowledge is power, the Holders believe it needs to be carefully dispensed in order to be effective and the Connectors think its importance is derived from how far it travels."

Found the quote above on a blog today--Linda Merrill.
 It is a post about designers as resources for their clients. But got me thinking about leaders in the church. As a philosophy of ministry there is a lot to adapt there and think about- both what we are doing and how we go about sharing the Good News that we have with the world.

Sometimes a trunk (us)
 has an entire assortment of roots (connections) going all directions.
even a bit messy and hanging out a bit in someone else's territory
and always complicated.
mingled and interwoven

Sometimes the pattern
 is a pretty straight forward linear protocol

Top down.
Does that also allow for bottoms up?

Taking the learning and sharing that with 
"upper level?" 
Side by side but not interwoven very often.
Individual silo effect.

Whether or not we have defined ourselves
 with images in ministry as the
 holders or connectors- 
think about how the use of
 social media Gospel-
 might take the work of an everyday 
Christian around the world
 to impact the faith life of 
another person in the world-
 looking for Jesus.
Whether they know it or not.
 The way the Holy Spirit works-
 is that we don't have to be
 in charge of how it spreads-
or where it spreads.
We are simply called
 to be faithful and obedient-
 and use all possible tools -
 for the sake of the Gospel.

Are you a holder or connector?

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