Friday, November 29, 2013

Song of Autumn

The colors of Fall have slipped away
 into the end of the season...

The brilliant golden is a remembrance.

In the Thanksgiving worship service we sung this beautiful song:

When the lamps are lit, when the days begin to wane,
 when the mountains glow and all of creation is all aflame,
We give thanks to Him whose riches from the ripened fired we bring. 
And praise Him, our God and King.
As the earth waits in wonder, as winter draweth nigh;
 we await the ancient promise of new birth as fields in silence lie.
May the blessing of this season come to you, 
the mist of autumn eve and morning dew;
For bounteous gifts of fruit and grain our harvest hymn we sing,
 and praise Him, our God and King. Amen.

James Kirby ( b. 1949)

We shared a beautiful meal together -
first time to go to a daughter's house for Thanksgiving.

What a treat to help prepare the meal in her kitchen.

I had ordered the printed muslin Give Thanks strips earlier this Fall- here-
Untie your thanks.

 Some new recipe favorites.
Telling stories.
Giving Thanks.
Looking forward in hope.
Looking back in praise.

And the readings from worship become life outlines:
Deuteronomy 8:1-10

Be careful
Give thanks

And be aware that some of our greatest blessings
 are the things that our Lord protects us from,
 or removes from us, or averts- because of His Goodness.

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