Friday, January 3, 2014

Gratitude Note a Day Project

Oldest daughter - Jessica was crafting in the studio
 over Christmas break
 and making a gift for her classroom assistant's birthday.

We found a small ceramic loaf pan that looked just the right size to hold the mini-journal calendar pages.

some hand lettering
some washi tape decoration

Cut multi- colored and white 3 x 5 lined
index cards to fit the little container

366 cards
Labeled each one with the month and day

Added one simple note of encouragement
 at the end of each month's stack of cards.

Keeping it simple.
Write down one thing a day in 
a heart of gratitude.
For a number of years- 
together on each card.

Holding together the blessings of 
Living Well
each and every day.

(p.s. - just saw that Michael's will have these
 cute berry baskets that could work for this project
 and will be in the stores by 1/24/14- 
the small size looks like it is the closest 
to what we used for our project)

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  1. Cute project! I'm doing an online photo-per-day Gratitude Project on my blog. I love the spread of "gratitude projects" of various types, makes me feel happy and warm. :-)

    Would love you to follow along with my Gratitude Project 2014, if you're interested.


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