Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Soul Tending Reading- 2013

It is always good to go back and see the stack of the books
 read for soul-tending reading each year.
Sometimes there is a planned out theme. 
Other times it is interesting to see what comes along in a year's time.
Much of this year was a focus on social media Gospel
 and the interaction of faith and family life living.
Working on that Capstone project and the research that went with it.

This is part of the stack- some of the social media books are out on loan.
So collecting what I have around right now.Seems to fall into these categories:

Living Life as Prayer

Women of Faith-
 in the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod

Living Life as Art

Women in Leadership

Faith Formation

Social Media Gospel

Kind of keep landing in the same spot.

And that can be very good.

Will take a look in the next post at the Heroes of Faith Series.

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  1. Got to read some more. Thanks for sharing what you are reading. Looking forward to your Heroes of Faith post. I have found this series good -- Christian Heroes then and now. Read a couple when homeschooling the kids, and I've given the kids each a hero book for Easter since they are past the picture book age. We do have a couple of the Heroes of Faith, but they are much shorter chapter books. The Christian Hero series also has a history heroes series. Here is a place to check them out: http://www.ywampublishing.com/c-70-christian-heroes-then-now.aspx.


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