Friday, February 28, 2014

An Immutable God brings HOPE

As the frigid  and raw days of Winter stay within our boundaries,
there is HOPE.

Though this photo was taken in Phoenix, Arizona last week,
 we returned to the tundra to see the daffodils in the yard.
They are 6-8 inches tall- shot right out of the ground.
Isn't it wonderful that Spring knows how to do Spring?
 That we don't have to make it happen.
In the spinning and whirling of our days,
 we don't have to put this on our "to do" list.

Thanks, God, for taking the burden of rebirth from us humans.
For being the ONE that controls the seasons.
And when we are hunkered down in the waiting line-
We simply Hold out with HOPE.

For just as it is impossible for God to lie,
He sets Hope before us.
 He will do what He says.
 He will fulfill His purpose in Christ.
Spring will come.

"Thus God determining to show
 more abundantly
 to the heirs of promise
 the immutability of His counsel,
 confirmed it by an oath,
 that by two immutable things,
 in which it is impossible for God to lie,
 we might have strong consolation, 
who have fled for refuge
 to lay hold of the hope set before us.
 This hope we have an an anchor of the soul,
 both sure and steadfast."
 Hebrews 6: 17-19

Faith Rolodex Words:

These are the words I am thinking about today.
I explained what the Faith Family Rolodex is on this post:

 So on a cold February day-
I have an immutable God who brings HOPE.


  1. Yes, my hope is that WINTER IS NOT FOREVER! However, it is snowing and sleeting tonight in the Midwest and many churches have already decided to close. But I have HOPE! Love your rolodex idea with the faith words! I'm a former homeschooler and preschool Sunday School teacher. Miss teaching so much and this would have been a great idea to make these cards up to send home to my kid's parents. I gave ATC (artist trading card) rewards to my kids for attendance and the like. I have a post about it on my craft blog somewhere.

  2. thanks for the encouragement- Rushed Lady-
    I also help grandmothers and godparents make these for families-- send me the link to your craft blog.


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