Thursday, May 1, 2014

Siloam Pool

John 9:1-7 -  tells about the miracle of the blind man healed. 
Pool of Siloam 
( Hebrew name is Shiloah, meaning "to send")
It was thought the the stone pool located
 at the end of the Hezekiah's pool was the site.
 A Fifth century church was constructed
 over the site to preserve the location.

Then, in 2004, bulldozers were doing
 municipal work
 in Jerusalem (see black pipeline)
 and uncovered a set of ancient steps
 that were part of another pool
 just 50 yards south of Hezekiah's pool.
This pool was originally filled with waters
 from the Gihon Spring
 as well as rainwater.
The following site gives more of the story
 of the excavation of the Siloam Pool.
 Pool of Siloam

Also where Solomon was annointed…..

This area is now set aside as the original
Siloam Pool. 
Not an especially beautiful spot these days.
And the blind man did not have an easy, beautiful life
 right after his vision was restored. 
The Pharisees reviled him-
see John 9:8-41-
 but Jesus once again found the man,
giving him hope in his faith in Jesus.
We too, can give testimony of the One
 who brings healing and 
touches our lives on a daily basis.
Restoration in all things-
the beautiful and perhaps on some days-
 the ugly beautiful.

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