Monday, June 2, 2014

Israel Pilgrimage Gleanings

The trip to Israel brought some new
 personal insights for myself and husband- John.
We share them here that you may have a better 
idea of just what might be a part of your 
experience in visiting the Holy Land.

A better understanding of the importance 
of current archaeological projects
 in retelling Biblical history.

A clearer view of Old Testament linked
 to New Testament stories 
on the same piece of real estate.

A real heart impact to walk on the same path, 
stone, or walkway that Jesus would have used.

A dynamic image of what it meant for Jesus
 to love the outcasts, the unclean, 
and the unloved of His day.

A realization of the physicality required to follow Jesus
as He led the disciples across a rugged terrain

A vivid picture of the early house churches
 of the new Christians-
 and "moveable" ministry

A hunger to read the Bible stories
 that have named the places we visited.

A new appreciation for well-loved stories 
as they are part of worship services-
 because I can "picture"
 where it happened in my mind.

A history of how ancient cities
 were set in places to interact,
 connect and engage the people
 that passed through them.

A new opportunity to reflect
 on just what is "old" -
(the city of Jericho at 9000 years young.)

A time to reflect on the interface
 of culture in Jerusalem-
a city that is Holy to Jews,
 Muslims and Christians.

A heart moved about the land that brings
 conflict between the people of Israel,
 Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

A new way to identify with Jesus
as we see specifically what he saw 
when he looked across the 
the landscape around the 
Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem

A sense of Jesus' priority for time
 with his Father:
it required not minutes--but hours, 
along with energy, fitness, and discipline
to be on the mountain-side 
for prayer early in the morning

A deeper appreciation of the great cost of
"the Word became flesh and 
made his dwelling among us" (John 1:14)

And so this post brings to a close the stories
 of our trip to Israel in January 2014.
 I have shared most of the highlights
 for the places we saw and visited.
It has taken us these last four months to try
 and make sense of all that we experienced.
Our prayer is that God will continue
 to move our hearts
in His shaping to use this in ministry.
We also pray that you might consider
 a Holy Land pilgrimage.
 John and Connie

and you just never know what you will find on the internet.
while searching for something else I found this on Youtube:
John and Connie in Jerusalem

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