Monday, June 9, 2014

Junk Mail Journal

Is Jesus in the middle of the
of our days?
 That was a question that came up
 over three years ago in a
 Bible Class I was leading 
in the parish.
What would an experiment look like that tracked 
the everyday mundane 
 that fills our mailbox each and every day?
Could this be a process that helps us to
 learn how to discern and 
How do we become better
 to our Heavenly Father in our prayers each day?
So…. I began to see if there were words of
that unfold in a glance
 in the pages of unsolicited paper or mailing
 that comes into my house every day. 

A glance at words that blessed my days in the past three years…..

We used small spiral little notebooks from Staples- 
they were $1.99 each when I first purchased them.

All the journals were different.
God had a unique message to be found by each person.
He is totally capable of taking unused
 and wanted material and adapting it to bring HOPE.  

The little journal is full.
 The experiment is finished.
But, I will get another tiny book and begin 
looking with Expectation AGAIN-
for words that uplift in my everyday drama.

Have any of you kept a junk mail journal?


  1. What a great idea! Never thought of doing this, and I never came across anyone who did it either. I use to use a lot of junk mail in my collages. That's how I started with my journals, because I did not know I could draw and paint. Patsy from

    1. This project was done to help us learn to PAY ATTENTION and to tune our hearts for all the ways that God might speak into our day-- grace gifts--- I have been doing this for 4 years now........


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