Monday, September 29, 2014

Bible Marginalia- Sacred Edges

#3 in the Bible Marginalia Series

Taking the time to look a bit more at this process
 of Writing in the Margins-
sharing some helpful insights with the permission
 of author-  Lisa Nichols Hickman.

The blank spaces around your Biblical text
 is an invitation.
The margins provide an opportunity for:
"a life-giving
 creative conversation
between you and the eternal God."

Margins can be a spiritual discipline.
 How do we allow space in our hearts,
 days, soul and calendar for being available?

God shows up here in the space we give Him.
He is a God of dynamic interactions- 
we just often do not pay attention.

What can help with the discipline of

In a split second we can miss-
 a painted pink cloud in the sky.
We are called to pull ourselves-
out this world long enough-
 to notice what God is doing IN IT.

In this day when many read their Bibles digitally, 
it is also important to take a look at all the 
interactions that happen in the margins.

Part of the experience of Marginalia is that it creates:
and memory."

So in this very visible way- we are making our mark.
It becomes annotation.
Catherine C. Marshall is an expert 
in annotation of texts in a digital age.
She helps us to see that annotation-
is a:
 "process of reception,
and claim-making."
This is possible in an ebook and iPad.

Digital annotations become "searchable" 
and can be easily shared.
The readers connected to this blog
 may be using these tools in mostly hard- copy books.
But Marshall points out research
 that can apply to both sets of marginalogists.

These marks can be:
"markers of interpretive activity,
signals of procedures in reading,
tools for problem-solving,
visible traces of the reader's attention,
incidental notes of reflection,
and memory-aids."

God loves to see the story
 He is writing in each of our lives- illustrated.
 It can be simple underlining and highlighting,
with notes and thoughts coming together 
in the sacred edges of His Word.

When our Heavenly Father rejoices
 that we see Him in small details
 and in the shadows and margins of our lives,
 imagine His delight to bring
 majestic things forward-
 front and central.

Simply put-
writing in the margins-
 is one of the open doors for God
 to bless our lives.


  1. I like this article. It is more in line with how I see this concept to be. If art is involved that is fine, but the focus should be on the word of a God first. Thanks for sharing!

  2. love the article and love your heart for God. Thanks for sharing!


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