Thursday, September 4, 2014

Build Your Kingdom Here

This was waiting for me in the mail-
 when I got back from some time in Michigan.
A sweet friend knows how much I love this song.

And her "good-eye"
 found the "Constance" button card.
Very special when a gift is made with such 
thoughtfulness and care.

The song is from this album by the group -
Rend Collective.
(They have dropped the "Experiment"-
 think cause it has worked.)

click above to have a listen-

Going to hear them LIVE-
 in the middle of this month.

These words have become my daily prayer.
And sometimes I just have to dance-
 when I say my prayers.

Thank you to my friend Donna V.W.-
for this special gift "with Heart".


  1. Very nice. God's gift of friendship is certainly a blessing that revives the the soul. He's so smart.

  2. What a sweet and precious gift...but then YOU are sweet and precious, so is it any wonder?

  3. friendship is a real blessing and how wonderful to journey together!

  4. I love that song too! What a prayer to say each day... What a friend to take such time to make your favorite song into such a sweet card...keepsake.. So nice to meet you! I am following along. I will be visiting around your post.. Have a great evening.. Blessings!


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