Friday, September 19, 2014

Forgotten- Now Gift

The never-used phone book came down
 from the front closet shelf today.
Trying to find the address of a friend.

Guess it has been a year since
 I flipped the pages looking
 for a number or address.

Just google it anymore.
And then….
a brilliant red leaf fell onto the floor.

and another, and another.
Maple leaves and soft furry lamb's ear.

Laid carefully between the pages for a year.
Pressed down flat and
preserved between the black-inked

Waiting to be the gift.
Waiting to surprise.
Waiting to herald the 
days of full color 
quickly zooming our way
on the calendar.

Promise and Patience.
Laid out to quietly invite the 
Home Again.


  1. What a nice surprise! Do you remember putting them in there? This made me smile. Lovely post, Connie!

  2. well-- I remember putting them there - probably to do something with them-- that is the part I don't know anymore!


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