Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bible Marginalia-He has done marvelous Things!

Bible Marginalia Series- #80

I saw that the Easter hymn-
The Strife Is O'er, The Battle Done 
was connected to Psalm 98:1
 for its inspiration. 
Though you don't see anything in the reading
 that is specifically the Easter story,
 He is RISEN-
 is certainly a marvelous thing.

That gives us the missing piece
 for each of us to sing a NEW SONG.

 I have an old discarded hymnal 
and added that page in with washi tape.
Then, was rummaging through 
some old stamps donated a long time ago.
  Since I can't draw flowers- 
this just might be the thing.
Can't beat the color of a Fuchsia plant.
Tried out a new ink-
it does bleed through.
 I'll deal with it when I get to that.

So today I am posting my 500th blog post.
This little experiment to document my life-
 to tell of His faithfulness.
It truly has been a marvelous thing.
I can only can give HIM the glory- 
for allowing me to tell a piece
 of the story of this life
 He is writing for me.
So I step out into the next generation of 

Purple and silver Washi tape
Colored pencils
All Night Media Stamp- Fuchsia 886J
StazOn Ink- Spiced Chai

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  1. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us... taking us along the path with you... each singing our own New Song!


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