Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bible Marginalia-Steadfast Love

Bible Marginalia Series- #90

Looking at Lamentations-
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
His mercies never come to an end
they are new every morning
not just some mornings
when I forget to draw close
He remembers ME
 The Lord is great in HIS faithfulness

What a comfort that is- today
or when things aren't going quite right
or when things are a really BIG MESS

Lament- cry
A passionate expression of grief, 
often in musicpoetry, or song form.
 The grief is most often born of regret, or mourning.

Been reading this as a lament 
over the city of Baltimore.
Such unrest, hurt, and years
 of not seeing those in the "margins".
A time when endurance has perished
 and there is no hope.
 Then a glimmer as I remember-
 just where my HOPE lies-
 A City that needs the LORD.
A City that needs the LORD's 
hand of intervention.
A City that needs
 to seek the will of the LORD.
 That they might receive the gift 
of HOPE.

I used an envelope wrap 
on the page on the left.
I often add them to deal
 with bleed-through problems. 
 They are the perfect size
 for my Journaling Bible.
Self- Adhesive
Fast and easy to use.

Colored pencils 
Zig Memory Pen
Fine-point Sharpie marker
VERVE stamp
Stamping ink
Alpha stamps
Washi tape
Remember THIS! stamp

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