Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bible Tabs for ME- References

Bible tabs for quick reference for verses.
This is in my 20 year old study Bible.
Spent a lot of wonderful time
 here in God's Word.
This project had a simple beginning.
I have a hard time remembering-
 just where to find verses
 when I need them.
Aging has not helped this problem.  
Some are easy. 
John 3:16
Some send me to Bible Gateway
 and a trail through the internet trying
 to find the right words
 to bring up the passage.
 I got tired of that.
 So awhile back.
 I simply started making tabs 
with key words that allowed me
 to quickly find the passage.

I first wrote about doing this here-

Then I start getting notices that others
 wanted the list of my verses.
 It took me awhile to do just that.
But, I state that this has been MY journey. 
Your list of verses and pathway
 may look very different.
 But, I offer these as a beginning place-
an idea for making the journey your own.
The other thing to note is that this
 has made my Bible BIGGER.
 It is hard to close now.
 It stays at home when I travel
 and I take my Journaling Bible. 
 This one lays open and ready
 for DEVOTION time.
 As a verb.
And that's OK with me. 
I have chosen Not to make tabs
 for my Journaling Bible- 
simply because it DOES travel with me a lot.
Packed in bags and back packs- 
and I know the tabs won't last the hard wear.

 So maybe you want to do this project
 with another Bible that you spend time reading.
The tangle verses shown here are copies
 of the prayer cards that I make
 and send to others.
These can be seen here on Pinterest-
Praying the Scipture
The chosen verses here in no way discount
 the importance of other selections. 
They simply map MY JOURNEY.
 Also note that as I began to do this I realized-
 I probably need to make a tab
 for just about every page in the Bible. 
That only makes His Word
 more powerful to me-
 it is all worthy of remembering-
 the God-
breathed WORDS
 to His people He loves.

Assorted washi tape
 Tim Holtz tiny attacher stapler 
Tab punch- McGill 3 inch

These are the references that I have placed
 in my Bible at this time.
 They allow me to find passages quickly. 
I can also send this to you
 by email if you notify me- or in a pdf file. 
 Blessings to each of you on the journey.

Gen. 2:18-25             God's relationship plan
Gen. 8:20-22             Creation Covenant
Gen. 9:8-17               Rainbow promise
Gen. 15:1-6               Covenant with Abram
Exodus 15:21            Miriam's Song
Exodus 20-               The Ten Commandments
Numbers 14-             Kingdom-minded Decisions
Duet. 33:12-              Rest Secure in Him
1 Sam. 2-                   Hannah's Prayer
1 Chron. 16:34          His mercy endures forever
Nehemiah 2:4            Arrow prayer
Esther 4:14                For such a time as this
Psalm 2                     Get a bigger world
Psalm 3:3                  The lifter of my head
Psalm 16:11              Fullness of JOY
Psalm 27:14              Don't QUIT
Psalm 31:24              Be strong, take heart
Psalm 33:20              My soul waits
Psalm 46:1                Our Refuge and strength
Psalm 46:10              Be still and know
Psalm 51:10              Create a clean heart
Psalm 55:22              Give your burdens
Psalm 61:2-4             Rock Shelter Tower
Psalm 63:3-4             Joy in the Lord
Psalm 66                   Awesome God
Psalm 84:11              Sun and Shield
Psalm 91                   Safety in His presence
Psalm 100                 Song of praise
Psalm 105:4-5           Seek His presence continually
Psalm 117:2              His truth endures forever
Psalm 121:1              Lift up my Eyes
Psalm 138                 Find us faithful
Psalm 139                 I am wonderfully made
Proverbs 3:5             Trust and Lean
Proverbs 4:23           Guard your heart
Ecclesiastes 3:11      Everything in its time
Ecclesiastes 4:12      A cord of three strands
Isaiah 40                   Comfort comfort
Isaiah 49:16              Inscribed
Isaiah 53                   Fulfilled Prophecies
Isaiah 61:3                Beauty for Ashes
Jeremiah 32:16         Nothing too hard
Jeremiah 33:3           Unsearchable things
Ezekiel 37:1-14        Dry bones live
Joel 2:13                   Rend your heart
Jonah 2:6                  The PIT
Micah 6:8                 Do, walk, love
Micah 7:7                 Look to the Lord
Zephaniah 3: 17       Hope comes
Matthew 5                The Beatitudes
Matthew 13:10-16    Storytelling
Matthew 19:26         With God-it's possible
Mark 9:24                 Help my unbelief
Mark 14:8                 Done what she could
Luke 19:11-27          Faithful Managing
Luke 22: 20              The new covenant
John 1:1                    The eternal WORD
John 1:5                    The light in the darkness
John 1:14                  The WORD becomes flesh
John 1:16                  Grace upon Grace
John 1:43                  Follow me
John 2:5                    Do what He says
John 3:27                  The Lord's generosity
John 3:16                  Eternal life
John 3:30                  He increase- I decrease
John 4:13-14             Living Water
John 4:23-24             Spirit and Truth
John 4:35                  Fields for the Harvest
John 5: 23-24            Eternal Life
John 5:30                  Will of the Father
John 6:35                  Bread of Life
John 6:43                  Don't grumble
John 6:68                  To whom shall we go?
John 7: 37-38            Promise of the Holy Spirit
John 8:7                    Adulteress faces Jesus
John 8:12                  Light of the world
John 8:34,36             FREE
John 8:31                  FREE
John 9:3                    A blind man sees
John 10:2-3               True Shepherd
John 10:10                Abundant Life
John 10:27                Hear and Follow
John 10:28                Sheep and Shepherd
John 11:25-26           Resurrection and the life
John 12: 24, 25         Fruitful Grain
John 13:14                Humble Servant
John 13:35                The new commandment
John 14:27                Peace
John 15:5, 9, 11        Abide, JOY
John 17:3                  Eternal life
John 16:33                Overcome the world
John 17                     Jesus prays for His disciples
John 17:11                ONE
John 17:17                Truth
John 19:30                It is finished
John 20:22                Breathed the Holy Spirit
John 20:29                Not seen yet believed
John 20:31                Believe
John 21:15                Feed my lambs
Acts 2:39                  Generational promise
Romans 1:17            Just live by faith
Romans 9:37            More than conquerors
Romans 12:2            Be transformed
1 Corin. 2: 16           Mind of Christ
1 Corin. 10:31          To the Glory of God
1 Corin. 15:57          Victory through Jesus
2 Corin. 5:7              Walk by Faith
2 Corin. 12:9            His grace, my weakness
Gal. 8:8                    Don't give up
Eph. 3:20                  Unlimited resources
Phil. 4:4                    Rejoice always
Phil. 4:7                    Peace transcends
Phil. 4:13                  Christ strengthens me
Phil. 4:19                  God's generosity              
Col. 1:5                     Hope
Col. 1:9-14               Prayer for my Children
Col. 3:15                  Let peace rule
1 Thess. 5:17-18      Pray without ceasing
1 Tim. 1:14              Abundant grace
Hebrews 12              The race of faith
Hebrews 12:28         Kingdom unshaken
Hebrews  13:8          Changeless Christ
Rev. 3: 11                 Crown of life


  1. Wow so beautiful and so generous of you to share your verses that have inspired you!!!! Thank you!

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