Friday, May 29, 2015

Chatting with Lisa Nichols Hickman- Writing in the Margins

Had the opportunity to speak with Lisa Hickman
 by phone this morning.
Always good to put a voice with the emails
 and Facebook connections.
We are planning an event for November 7, 2015 
with Lisa and Shanna Noel -
here in Northern Virginia.
(details to come very soon)

So, this was time to listen to each other 
and see what might be the best way
 to shape this experience.
Lisa is mom to two, 
and struggles to find her own margins:
 as a ministry leader, mom, 
wife, professor and student too.

I had come across the book- 
Writing in the Margins in Feb. 2014.
Truthfully, it took me a while to finish the book,
 for a number of reasons.
I love Lisa's writing
 and didn't want the book to end.
I was actually doing the suggested prompts
 at the end of the Chapters.
I took the time to thoughtfully process
 in the places that she directed her readers in the Bible.

After I found the Journaling Bible Community
 on Facebook- I quickly joined
 when there were just a few of us in the group.
I had already connected to Lisa 
after reading her book.
Then, I shared with her this amazing new 
group on Facebook that was 
writing in the margins of their Bibles-- 
and MORE.
This was new information for the author of the book
ABOUT writing in the margins.
 That is how quickly things change
 in a socially connected digital world. 
Later, I shared with the Facebook group-
 her book and careful research.
One of the things that I believe
 is helpful about Lisa's 
contribution to the Journaling Bible community,
is that it opens another approach to the discipline.
She helps the reader with clear research,
 historical documentation, 
and endorsement of the practice
 as ancient- renewed.
For those that are not drawn immediately
 to the creative process,
 or are not sure about "arting up their Bible",
it allows another open door to the discipline.
One of my favorite phrases that Lisa uses
 to explain the process of writing in the margins is-
"bridging WORD to world".
 Margins become the place of cultivation- 
"finding a new way in the midst of confusion."
 The powerful realization for myself
 is that I have often pushed my faith life-
 Bible reading time- to the edges of my busy life.
A marginalized faith life.
And in grace-filled gentleness, 
I am reminded that THIS,
 is exactly where the Lord meets me.
Give Him the margins of your Bible
and see what He does in this space of worship,
and prayer as He writes 
your story.

If you are a Bible Journaler and have NOT read 
Writing in the Margins, 
the reading is an enhancement
 to the practice of Bible Journaling. 
If you are new to the Bible Journaling Community,
 this book is a wonderful introduction 
and can help frame this practice as spiritual discipline.

In the mean time -
we are very excited about bringing together 
these two women leaders-
 Shanna Noel and Lisa Hickman,
who have simply made themselves available
 for the moving of the Holy Spirit,
for such a time as this.


  1. That is so awesome!!! Wish I lived close to Virginia! Sad face.

    1. I get to Ft. Wayne area now an d then perhaps we can meet up sometime!

  2. What a blessing you were able to connect with Lisa by phone! I know the event is going to be amazing. I just started journaling this week and already the Holy Spirit has spoken into me in a way that it wouldn't have if I was simply reading. Thank you for bridging these worlds -- and helping women deepen their faith.

    1. Amy Zacaroli-- it has been amazing for me that this time opens crevices that allows gentle Spirit nudges to seep into my soul-- every page is a gift

  3. I would love to attend! I live in WV.

  4. My sister lives in Virginia. Always looking for a reason to road trip

    1. and something fun to do on top of a visit!


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