Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bible Marginalia- Creating Community

Bible Journaling Series-#124

                                                                                                             the work of Pat Maier

A friend asked the other day 
how I got started in Bible Journaling
 and gathering the folks together.
 Hmmm--it had to be Holy spirit led.
 That is it.
I wasn't even smart enough to see 
the ministry opportunity right in front of me.
Soon- I was simply praying- 
Help Me- Holy Spirit- Help Me.
Moving in unknown territory,
 and not sure of the outcome.
 No manual.
 No program.
  I can't say that I have moved
 much farther down the line in this-
 in the past YEAR.
Sometimes it is simply doing
 the very next best choice.
And praying for the Holy Spirit
 to send "People of Peace"-
those He is moving also.

                                                                                                           the work of Pat Maier
 So if you are thinking about creating a community
 centered around Bible Journaling:
 1. Pray and Look for another person
 that has a similar heart passion
 for meeting God in the margins (or notebook).
2. Pray for open doors of HOW to be together.
3. Pray for a teachable heart- 
if you see that the WHERE
 to be together is in your own home.
 4. Pray that a heart of hospitality
 may be the first movement
 He blesses you
 with in order to create community.

It is always good to share your intentions
 with the leadership in your church or fellowship.
But, sometimes "the church" is slow to respond to 
new ideas and may see this as a FAD.
 And sometimes He meets us in the Fire. 
Be fearless in your response
 to Holy Spirit nudges.
It is time in His Word-
 invite others along for the journey.
 Then be ready to TELL the STORY-
of meeting God in the margins of your Bible.

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  1. Excellent, Connie! Our group (St. John Lutheran, Rochester, MI) will begin again in October....what's so nice is that even if you can't attend one session with us, you can still return and pick up where we are at that moment! So...... new people can join us at any point as well!
    Continued blessings on all that you do, Connie!!


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