Sunday, August 23, 2015

Prayers for my Children- Flipchart

I have had a lot of comments 
about this little book lately on social media 
and thought I would share 
the whole prayer flip chart with you.
 Made in 2007 -
 so guess this year it is 8 years old. 
 Still using it and still praying for my children,
 and their spouses now,
 and the grandson that has been added.

  We made this at a Keep the Faith
 event we held at our church.
We had the cardstock cut
 and punched for us at a local printers.
They have since gone out of business. 
I knew I would never get them cut straight
 and punched so nicely. 
It does make the project
 if you can have that done.
Especially if you are going
 to make them in multiples
 for a group project.
 Doing ONE- I could probably
manage it ok and deal
 with it not being perfect- if it was for me.
( or for me to give as a gift)

 The cardstock measures: 31/2 by 5 1/2inches
We made the set to have 36 pages.
That gives you one for a cover-
a dedication page, 
and 3-4 for pages that have spots to add photos.
 Two O-rings keep it together 
and works great for flipping.
 What I love about this project
 is that it will stand on a shelf or table
 and be a visual reminder of a call to prayer.

Here is the link to download both the words 
and an instruction sheet for this project.
These photos are of another that I had made-


 The verses are torn 
and Distress ink is added to the edges.
Scrapbooking supplies
 add interest and make the pages
 each a bit different.

I used 4-5 sheets of coordinating scrapbooking paper 
to use for the whole project to give it a cohesive look. 
You can whatever fits your personal preference.

Stamps, brads, ribbon, eyelets,
 snaps, safety pins, punched crosses.
Whatever is in your stash.

In any project-
 the mantra simple and done
 is better
 than fussy and waiting to be finished.

Wire and beads and a paper clip.
Paper clips and tags.

 Credit goes to Bob Hosteler
 for the inspiration for this project.
His site here:

  One mom kept it by the front door
 and grabbed it to say a blessing
 as her children left in the mornings.
One keeps it bedside to 
bless her children at night time.
 And one mom tells the story
 about her daughter off to college and reports -
 "after this many years-
 I know what you will be praying
 for me each day of the month."


  1. Thank you for sharing the whole prayer flipbook. What a blessing you are to your children and grandchildren! I know what project I will be making for myself and my girls.

  2. just love this, I have mine when I made with you at Prince of Peace. Still use it!

  3. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing it and the directions.

  4. Thank you for sharing! I am giving this as gifts to precious people this year. :)

    1. it will be a treasure because it is from YOU!!!


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