Thursday, October 15, 2015

Creative Haven- in the Studio

Sometimes it is just the morning light
 that draws me to the studio.

 Something spurs a call to spend time here.

 Piled or lined up and ready to use.
Vintage metal shelf for storage.

 Cubbies- the love of my creative life.

 A vintage soda crate holds pens and markers.
 Repurposed old bread box -
 now a alpha stamp holder.
 The ribbon jar.

Jars and hanging files of Goodies.
 "Government" file drawers
 turned into stacking shelves.
(thanks to my friend Gloria)

 My grandmother's shoe holder- 
now a lace and crochet holder.
And an old hat photo with my 3 daughters.

 Art work done by my friend- Lu Ann Lamie.
Stacking tin baskets with sorted project things.

painted old Ikea drawers and old tin storage.

Bits and pieces-
 that is what creating is all about.
into the New thing.

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