Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall Mixed Media Project #1- Creative Haven

Fall Mixed Media Project- #1 
made for Creative Haven this week.

 How it came together here:

 White tissue paper 
covering cereal box cardboard.

 Wire attached for hanging.
Hot Glue spots covered with cut out
 vintage book paper and old hymnal circles.

 Copy of a vintage Thanksgiving card- circa 1909.
 Matted on cardstock.
 Doodads added including
 a rusty bell hanging on thread.
(Actually was a project from 2008 
and is being "reinvented here."

 Tan tissue paper from a
store purchase over the weekend.
 Folded into pleats.
Secured on back 
with double-sided sticky tape.
 Ends folded under to fit side of "mat."
Attached with hot glue.

 Fabric strip torn and added to bottom.
Another one tore and snipped to add cut edges.
Secured on back with hot glue.

 Pleated fan made with 2 1/2 paper strip pleated
 with the Martha Stewart folding board.
Attached to left side with hot glue.

Card added on top of pleated circle.
Secured with hot glue.
Circle holds it up from base
 and makes it three dimensional. 

Ribbon/yarn fiber dangle
 made and added to right side edge.
Tissue paper stacked circle with brad added,
as well as leaf buttons.
Anchoring the base - a vintage brooch.
 A brown satin loop ribbon tie on top.
And a gift ready for a dear sister.

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