Sunday, October 18, 2015

Illuminated Journaling- Jann Gray Book Review

When the Bible Journaling world was set ablaze last year, I mentioned to a friend that a book would come out soon. I am thankful that Jann Gray is one of the first to be on the scene to help others find their way in this worship art form and spiritual practice.
So just a bit about her book here and some ways that it might be helpful to others.
Jann uses a Click and Stop format to remind you that the process of adding to the margins of our Bibles can be like a snapshot click of a camera. It is SEE and REMEMBER. Though she is certainly true artist caliber for what she adds in her spaces- she is an encourager to all for spending time in the practice. One of the helpful Triads is: Read, Reflect and Respond- as a pattern for what might just happen in the margins as we TARRY. She also separates the processes into 3 Basic processes: Handlettering, Modern Collage and a Focal Image.
Jann challenges us all to believe that a "creative God created you creative." Even when we try to see how we measure up online looking at the work of others- she encourages us to be BRAVEFUL- to do what scares us.
Simple guidelines include: Start with what you have, gather ideas and practice. Seek out kindred spirits since the journey is best is community.
Her book has great resource guides and tips for using materials which are very helpful to anyone desiring to teach this to others. Jann not only gives the language to help explain just what Bible Journaling, or as she denotes it- Illuminated journaling is, but gives the shaping for all from beginner to advanced practitioner.

Find out more about Illuminated Journaling here, as well as all sorts of tutorial from this talented artist- as she brings creative expression to Faith. Books can be ordered at this site.
                                                  Jann Gray

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