Sunday, October 4, 2015

Visual Prayer- Intercessory

A Bible verse stamped 
on a 4 by 6 blank index card
The names of those prayed for 
and the church if they serve in ministry
Or using a premade card
from a set purchased at Michael's
sometimes extra designs
 are stamped right on to the card
As the doodles are added- 
and the color is done.
 Just pray.
Just pray with silent words whispered.
 With no words.
And sometimes it is just resting in the Spirit.
And Lifting UP someone in prayer.

Then make a copy of the prayer.
Send the original
 to the people prayed for on the card.
Add the prayer copy to a prayer journal kept for us.
(It is just a regular old photo album)
Then the prayer card is scanned 
and added to the Pinterest board-
 Praying for the Southeastern District.
Join me in prayer.


  1. I am speaking to my fellow Stephen Ministers this evening on this very subject. We will be sharing our cards!

    1. that is a perfect spot to bring this prayer tool


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