Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Soul-Tending Reading- Prayer

I led a Prayer Workshop this weekend
 at Risen Christ Lutheran Church, 
Myrtle Beach, VA
 with my husband- John.
We shared some books 
that have been helpful along the way -
learning about prayer.
One of the first books we read was-
Prayer is about a love relationship with 
our Heavenly Father.

Richard Foster shares ideas
 about quieting the heart and soul 
to listen and obey God better.

Prayer is just a part of the 
whole life transformation
 that the Holy Spirit is working in each of us.
The Willard- Johnson combination
 gives practical application helps along the way.

Mulholland addresses the power 
of Holy Scripture in spiritual formation.
A powerful tool is Praying the Scriptures.

Benson brings back a look 
at some ancient practices 
to help us be aware of the presence of God.
Paying attention.

Miller's approach is down-to-earth and practical.
 Even our broken and poor offerings of prayer 
can be fused to be powerful substance. 
We can still connect in a distracting world.

We can move from Ground Zero 
in our prayer life.
One of these books just might be the start 
of an amazing blessing.

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