Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jackson's Baptism

Jackson Frederick Meier
Born- Friday May 13, 2016
Baptized-May 29, 2016
Child of God.
Two Grandpas were blessed 
to share in the baptism.
St. Matthew Lutheran Church
Walled Lake, Michigan
Thank you Rev. Paul Moldenauer for 
allowing this privilege to participate. 
Water and the Word-
New Life.
Left- Parents -Jessica and Daniel Meier
Right- Sponsors -David and Susan Meier
With Sponsors- Sara and Joshua Wilson

The promise to bring up this
 little one to know Jesus.
Left-Grandparents- John and Connie Denninger
Right- Grandparents- Peter and Kathy Meier
Holy Spirit bless this new little family.
Knowing the gift of faith
 from one generation to the next.
And the grand witnesses of this happy occasion 
included cousins and spouses, and siblings, 
and nieces and nephews.
And aunts and uncles and even 
great grandma- Florene Denninger- 
soon to be 96 years young.
 Jackson's Baptismal Gown was made by
Anna Wiederhoeft (1873- 1950)
was married to Hermann Roehl 
who drowned in a boating accident in 1913. 
They had four children.
 Dora Roehl was their daughter (1893-1974).
Dora married Martin Koschmann. 
Grandma Anna was a seamstress
 and made the gown for the baptism 
of her granddaughter- Helen. 
Helen Koschmann was born in1928.
The gown was then worn for baptism day 
by her son Peter Meier (b.1956).
Then grandson Daniel Meier (b. 1985)
and now worn by Jackson Meier in 2016.
The great news shared with the
 St. Matthew's School Community.
Jessica is the Kindergarten teacher
 at St. Matthew's.
Big guy on the way to the party.
 Welcome to Jackson.
May God Bless You!
 A beautiful cake.
A delightful party hosted by 
Jackson's great aunt and uncle-
 Phil and Linda Meier in Wayne, MI.
Great aunt Teresa Davis 
with some cuddle time.
Denninger and Nord grandchildren.
All together on the couch.
Some happy.
 Some nots.
Some not sure.
Grandma Florene Denninger
 with all of her great grand children.
Grandma D with her granddaughters
and their children.
Florene and John and Connie 
and daughters- Laura, Sara and Jessica
 and their children.
The Meier clan in attendance.
Jackson Frederick Meier.
Dan and Jessica-
this new little family in faith.
Thank you, Jesus.


  1. Thank you for beautifully capturing the day! Love you!

  2. such a beautiful post! more importantly the content is straight from God! Love your family and the new additions.


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