Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Resting Place

A few days ago we had an evening 
for some time on the water.
Water always refreshes our hearts.
Tumbling water down to water's edge.

Beautiful landscaping- carefully tended.

Lush blooms highlight in the dusk light.
And we are reminded 
of the necessary call to soul-
come sit awhile.
Breathe deep.
Without agenda.
The koi pond-
 resonates both movement and quiet.
Do you have a spot
 to sit and just contemplate?
To give yourself a "time-out?"
To watch the leaves 
on the nearby tree flutter?
God gives us His day -
 SUNDAY- the rest stop day.
Sometimes there are seasons 
when this is challenging.
So we take an evening
and watch the lightening bugs 
and push back and forth on the glider.
So that we may not be people 
who forget "their resting place."
Jeremiah 50:6

A friend gave this book 
to me in the last few days-
and as I read- 
and find "spiritual retreat"
here and now, now and then,
I see the sunset over the water.
And for friends that open their hearts
 and home for weary travelers-
Thank YOU.

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