Sunday, September 11, 2016

Visual Faith- Luther's Small Catechism

 Recently I saw on Facebook 
that Concordia Publishing House shared - 
the resources for teaching tools
 for Luther's Small Catechism.
(thanks Elizabeth Pittman)
A Grand day when you are 
a visual and kinesthetic learner.
 Been waiting for these resources for 50 years.
Printed them out on cardstock.
 Put them together on binder rings.
These are 1 1/2 inch.
(One inch would probably work.)
 Collected them on a 3 inch binder ring.
(What I had in the house)
Cards ready to go.
They can easily be moved around, 
taken off the rings, 
and handled as memory- flash cards.
Helpful for the RECITE part.
But, that isn't the only part needed
 for using the resources in the Small catechism.
How do we connect to the HEART part?
The journey, the collected story?
The learning- along the way?
 I decided to use a journal purchased 
on clearance at Michael's this summer-$6
Said there are 36 pages in it but only found- 32.
(found this project took 24)
I chose this one as the black,
white, kraft colors
 were more unisex- less gender-specific.
The pages are 6 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches.
pulled out some of the more floral pages
Printed the memory cards on regular copy paper- 
fearing that cardstock would be 
too heavy for the project.
(after done? think cardstock 
could work and be more durable)
Start each section on the right hand-side-
 that will allow you to have complete sections
 and then you can move then around in your binder.
I cut down the cards as printed 
because then they fit a bit better
 on the page with two of them.
(for the binder project)
Used washi tape- 
a decorative paper tape- to adhere.
Concordia Publishing has each section labeled
 with initials and numbers so they can easily
 be put into order as you are working with them.
(Thank you very much- this was helpful.)
The washi tape adheres the card 
to the page but allows you to turn it
 over to check memory work.
some pages had words I didn't really need
yup- just cover them with washi tape.
Made tabs to easily find the sections.
Depending on how the journal is to be used- 
the catechism parts could be given out as studied,
And can be rearranged in the journal.
 Learning packets 
and extra study sheets 
can be easily added.
The Lutheran Witness provided some 
clip art for collage for the cover.
Print a paper copy of the Catechism cover,
 add a couple of stickers.
Ready for study time,
interactive, hands-on, write-in, 
add to and journaling the journey. 
My friend- Melinda Ransdell
 is creating Faith book materials 
for St. John's Dover, DE.
Can't wait to collaborate 
with her on these materials.
Thankful for the new teaching tools.
Might have been help for a visual,
 kinesthetic learner 50 years ago.
Might have helped 
with my distractions in 7th grade.


  1. Thank you, Connie. My grandson Jacob has just begun his catechism classes. This will help his journey.

    1. you are welcome Judy- glad to see that others might use these resources


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