Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016 Soul-Tending Reading

2016 Soul-Tending Reading Stack

It always feels good to sort through 
all the books in the house 
and assemble those read each year.
Thanking God for allowing me 
time and energy to sort through 
reading material that 
makes heart and soul connections.
A friend made a comment that not 
all my books in this stack 
were "theology" books.
True, True.
I believe that some of our "theology"
 thinking and thoughtfulness 
is found in the everyday lives we live, 
or the writings of others that make
 me contemplate my ordinary life.
Some were quick reads and others 
took me weeks till I turned the last page.
And then there is the stack of mystery writers
 that still clamor for my attention.
At least this stack of reading 
helps to balance that out a bit.
On the top of the stack is a book
 that was given to me by a friend 
who was cleaning out her book stacks.
a PRISONER and yet.....
by Corrie ten Boom.
Published in 1947 by Evangelical Publishers
 in Toronto Canada.
An autographed copy.
Probably diminished in value by all 
the pencil marks of the sale price.
$1.50 and a name and the price upped
 to $2.50 on the other side of the inside cover.
Sometimes I find it just amazing
 that I can hold a book in my hands 
that Corrie held in her own hands.
A giant in the faith that I have long admired.

I am wondering around the house today
 making stacks for the 
2017 Soul-Tending Reading List.
Part of the stack is already completed-
they were on the stack for 2016. 
Not bad thatI didn't get it all read in a year.
Yup- it is all process indeed.

 You can check out the stacks from 
previous years at the top of this blog
 on the page- Soul-Tending Reading. 

Do you have a stack of 
Soul-Tending reading for this year?
Any suggestions of what 
I need to add to my stack?
 Would love to see your comments!

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