Friday, January 27, 2017

Vintage Storage- Bible Journaling

Found this old, sort of beat up shelf 
with lots of little drawers in
North Carolina.
Needed a really good cleaning up.
Decided to just soak the plastic drawers.
Ah-  maybe add in some baking soda.
Used the one from the refrigerator.
Ya- time to replace that one anyhow.
The cardboard labels were pretty well gone.
Time to redo those.
So- new labels and clean.
Ready for my Bible Journaling corner.
A place to organize some
 of the "smalls" for
 labeling and illustrating projects.

Time to find out about the
Old Hickory Shoelace Company-
"Hickory Brands is a leading manufacturer
and supplier of foot care 
and athletic-related products. 
The company is unique because
 it is the only manufacturer in North America
 that produces both shoe laces
 and shoe polish. 
It also makes insoles, shoe cleaners 
and deodorizers, spikes for cleats, lanyards
 and sport socks. 
Hickory markets its products
 to all 50 states, 
as well as certain markets in Asia, 
Australia, Europe, the Middle East
 and South America. 
Founded in 1923 as 
Old Hickory Shoelace Company,
 Hickory Brands and its 10-Seconds 
division are headquartered in Hickory, N.C.

Found this same one on eBay for $75-
(and one for $120)
so mine was a deal for $20.
I kinda like the faded lettering on mine-
it fits the more muted colors when it hangs out.
Don't be afraid to give a good cleaning
 to an old vintage piece.
It just might be the storage piece
 that brings organization to your craft center.
And yes- for those of you that know me-
it's vertical space.
(photo of one found on eBay)

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