Saturday, February 18, 2017

First Birthday Party- Levi Michael

Levi Michael is ONE.
His momma planned 
a wild animal party.
And decided it would work best
 to host it at Papa and Gigi's house.
She found cute party hats.
Animals were growling 
and roaring at Target
 that they wanted to join the party.
 They got little hats too.
  She found photos of Levi
 for each month of his first year.
She painted jar lids and little animals
 with white paint
 and filled them with animal crackers.
 She gathered healthy snacks
 for the young ones and toddlers.
A Costco sheet cake got sprinkles galore.
And a small SMASH cake from the grocery store.
Stuffed animals held court and
whispered secrets to Levi.
Levi's Granny had a banner made,
and we made the lemonade. 
The balloons arrived,
 and the high chair was high-fives.
Yea- we kinda knew the name of the 
young man of the hour.
10, 20, 30, 40, 50
 people were invited.
And they all came.
They flew in from New York and Orlando.
They drove from Fredericksburg and Frederick.
Levi celebrated at day care.
With his friends right there.
Little man we give thanks,
you have stolen our hearts.

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