Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How We Say It

Yossi and daughter

Been home about a week 
from latest travels in Israel.
Always takes me a bit of downtime
 to process and contemplate the experience.
We were blessed to have Dr. Yossi Paz, 
archeologist, as our guide for the third time.
 We were blessed to have the opportunity
 to met his gifted and talented daughter.
(am choosing to not share her name here)
Israel is always in the news.
Today it is again-Amona.

In the past I have shared blog posts
 during Lent from the places
 we have visited in the Holy Land.
Pilgrimages surely, thoughtful connections.
I will do that again this year.
But in between conversations and gatherings,
 I will have these phrases that connected-
 in and out of teaching times, devotions,
 moving folks on and off the bus,
 and once in awhile motivating us 
to see just "one more" thing.
For a man passionate about sharing 
his love of land and history to meet our faith,
I share the collected list of

Israel is boringly safe.
We need you here.
Coffee in, coffee out.
The weather is on our side.
For the highly motivated among you.
It's not over until it's over....but almost.
Lack of proof cannot become proof of the lack.
It's "Trump-style" have rules,

  and then there are rules for us!
Navigate space and time to get you there.
I know I talk too much,

  but I need to bombard you with this information.
Next time you come, I promise to take you there.
My problem is now your problem.
(When a question was asked)-

  Now you will all be punished because I must answer.
Touristic trap

ibex and her "cub"
Ritual "bathes"
I give you 3 1/2 minutes of peace.
Let me tell you this....
Ladies and gentlemen- Follow me.
Pray for us- we need your prayers.
Now I will filibuster for awhile.
We'll do this the Jewish way.
Ladies and gentlemen- the best is yet to come!
After consulting with upper management......
Any further questions? (when no question has been asked)
Shopping? 15 minutes to a quarter of an hour, not a minute more
I know you all know the answer, but you are too humble to say it
Collective punishment for.....
Your Hebrew is horrible

So it really is about what connects 
all the dots in our conversations,
 the JOY of our job that perhaps lifts others up,
 and the blessing (or not) of our words.
At a time when opinions fly fast and furious, 
and words can be cutting and hurtful,
may we pray about our "go-to"
phrases that tie it all together.
May the common ground be- LOVE.


  1. Perfect! Beautiful tribute to Yossi!

  2. Thanks, Connie! Blessed indeed by Yossi's words and spirit!

  3. Thanks for a glimpse of the ordinary that makes time spent there extraordinary!

  4. Thanks for sharing some of the ordinary that makes the time spent there extraordinary!

  5. These are the best bathrooms in the country... Thank you for capturing these!


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