Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Israel Visual Faith

 Visual Faith- Israel
On our last trip we found a bit of time to
try and process at the end of the day-
 where we had been, 
what we had seen, 
and just how it all fit together.
Whether that was in a Journaling bible, 
faith planner, deconstructed travel guide, 
or other journal- it was time to document.
Knowing full well that unless we got it written down,
 we would have trouble remembering all the details.
 We were also blessed to meet with a group
 in Jerusalem
 that our friend Hadassah 
had invited to be encouraged in 
Visual Faith practices.
I had met Hadassah 
in the Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling community
 on Facebook and met with her 
on the last two trips to the Holy Land.
 Hadassah shares prayer calendars
 that become visual prayer Stories.
 A Young mom brings her little to join the group.
Pat Maier gets a moment to snuggle.
We all struggle with the prayer roadblocks of:
slowing down,
paying attention, and
dealing with distractions.
Melinda Ransdell brings youthful exuberance
 to our time of sharing.
Visual Faith tools really do cross generations.
And some found out that they were right at home- 
and maybe have been doing this all along.
It just didn't have a "legitimate" name.
What fun to learn together about 
forging faith communities
around the globe,
connected by the internet,
to collaborate in sharing tools and resources-
for the sake of the Gospel.
Because He is good and gracious,
we have a story to tell.
 May the Lord grace all of these endeavors 
with His wisdom and favor.

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