Monday, April 24, 2017

Visual Faith- Fort Wayne, Indiana

A great Visual Faith event in Fort Wayne, Indiana
 this past Friday evening.
Two members of Emmanuel Lutheran Church
 in Fort Wayne obtained Thrivent Action grants
 for $250 each.
Publicity in their own church forums, 
as well as community outreach 
and sharing on social media
 brought in guests from a variety of communities.
This great team of  L to R:
Lana Hille,
 Pamela Bryan, Nayva Mulder, 
Teresa Davis and Faith Harless
worked together bringing their own gifts
 to plan and host a two hour Introductory event 
for Visual Faith- that was FREE for participants.
 I was able to bring 
Show and Tell for this event.
 Witness of the STORY 
of what the Lord has done in my life.
So that I may witness to His faithfulness,
and encourage others in their own personal 
IEP- Individual Education Plan
 in their Spiritual Formation.
 That they may BLESS OTHERS.
Concordia friends found each other
 at the event for a hug and catch up time.
There were door prizes 
and fun gifts for all attendees.
We tried some experiments with
 Praying Scripture and Coloring.
We talked about ways to slow down, 
pay attention and deal with distractions. 
We talked about HOPE for a new story
 in our prayer life and time in His Word.

A blessing for me was that there
 were friends of mine 
 from my
 growing up congregation
 of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 
Ossian, Indiana.
 There were ministry connection friends 
and a high school best friend,
and my two sisters.
 Moms and daughters,
Old friends and new friends.
We learned how the VRSLY app on the iPhone
(and probably something similar on other phones)
could allow them all to be 
deployed digital missionaries.

The Lord is blessing this movement 
of Visual Faith and we give Him thanks.
Want to find out more about 
connections and resources?
Downloadable materials
 for teaching and personal use
 are found in the Facebook Community here:
Great Lakes Visual Faith Community



  1. Thanks for sharing the general outline of the event, the highlights and the photos!

    1. it always helps to get a recap of what happens when we are together!


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