Sunday, July 30, 2017

Adirondack Style

You can't visit Lake Placid 
without checking out
 some of the local establishments.
A favorite was Antediluvian-
 Antiques and Curiosities.
An amazing assortment of one of a kinds.
Plenty of Olympic artifacts here.
There was also the Adirondack Store 
and Gallery right next door.
So what is Adirondack Style?
Well, there are the chairs---
namesake and everywhere-
in every color.
It is rugged, rustic, and lodge
with natural elements.
There are many stuffed animals.
Some cute and cuddly 
and some fierce and very REAL.
The architectural style is associated
 with the Great Camps 
within the Adirondack Mountain
 areas in New York.
Elements include whole, spilt, or peeled logs.
Massive fireplaces are built of cut native stone.
This was promoted to avoid the shipping costs
 of conventional building materials.
The style was influenced by 
Swiss chalet architecture
 introduced to America by Andrew Downing
 around 1850.
The style includes outstanding craftsmanship 
and birch and cedar furniture and accessories. 
 Log and twig works highlight a handmade style.
Through in buffalo checks, hand-made pottery,
and plant and animal influence.
It is a natural style. 
Plenty of spots to find in downtown 
Lake Placid.
A bit of time has stopped here.
And it is a delight 
to wander through the town.


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