Friday, July 21, 2017

Here and About-Around I-81 South

A recent trip sent us down
 the I-81 South Trail.
On the far western edge of Virginia
 and North Carolina.
And places here and there.
One small town was Marion, Virginia.
Spotted a wonderful store filled with
 beautifully displayed antique and vintage items.
Some things I had never seen before.
Reasonable prices for the value.
Connect here:
Past time emporium

Gas stop and photo op 
when your daughter
 is married to a Wilson.

Weaverville, North Carolina
 near Asheville.
Close to our September Woods- Airbnb.
Cute stores-
 Photos here through the windows.
A wonderful shop HERE:
Home Gear Shop
I didn't make it into Home Gear Shop
 but saw that inventory 
was 50% off for the month July.
                                                                                                                          photo- Twisted Laurel website.
The Twisted Laurel
A great spot for a relaxing dinner
 downtown Weaverville.
And our favorite sign in the town.
What if all of our homes and churches 
were places to fill up with GRACE FUEL?
And always great to see what 
is blooming wherever we go.
I-81 we'll be back.

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  1. Thanks for taking us with you on your I-81 journey. Soooo lovely!


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