Monday, July 3, 2017

The Girls of the Fourth

                                        Vintage Fourth of July postcards
Always fun to pull out for this celebration.
 My country tis of Thee-
 sweet land of liberty-
of Thee I sing.
 God help us to be true to the red, 
white and blue,
Her principles never to surrender.
This card was sent in 1917
 as Ruth wrote to her friend
 in Waynesboro, VA 
telling her that soon
 she would go leave to head to the city-
Makes me wonder what will be
 the Big City in 100 years from now.
 This postcard was sent in 1910.
Young Fredia Johnson 
wrote a note to her friend-
Elizabeth Seigel in Oak Hill, Illinois.
 Wishing you a
 glorious 4th of July.
No date on this "playlet"- 
"When Betsy Ross Made Old Glory."
Belonged to Phyllis Werling.
Can just imagine the school children 
dressed up to play the parts of this "play."

Fourth of July postcards 
are a bit challenging to find. 
There just aren't too many to be found.
Guess I don't send 4th of July cards- 
maybe not too many people
 did either 100 years ago.
And that is why there 
aren't too many to find!

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