Saturday, December 2, 2017

Advent Eve

 A lovely event today -
Saturday, December 2, 2017
as we gathered on Advent Eve Day
at First Baptist Church
in Springfield, Virginia.
An Advent Brunch.
Time to reflect, pause and ponder as we 
Await the Wonder 
of our Advent- Christmas 
We talked about how the Christ Child 
meets us in the mess of life, 
as we struggle to find margin space for Him.
Our prayer is that as we take the time
 to adjust expectations,
 we will be met with grace at the manger.
 We explored some Visual Faith
tools and practices.
We tried some exercises
 that help us to slow down, 
pay attention 
and deal with distractions.
What might our Advent journey
 actually LOOK LIKE
 if we take the time to tell the story?
Can a simple Word a Day 
help us to see what 
the Spirit is nudging at our soul?
Can these experiments draw us
 into a richer prayer life ?
Or enfold us into the the narrative
 of the story of God's Word?
Each person must find their own plan,
 discipline and challenge.
Our own personal Spiritual Formation plan-
 Individualized Education Plan.
Some collected Advent devotions,
 coloring books and reflections.
(Most found on Amazon)
 This group includes 
The Season of the Nativity
by Sybil MacBeth,
 and a downloadable and printable devotion
 by Illustrated Children's ministry.
Devotion books from 
Creative Communications for the Parish.
Some of the Advent calendars
 and the ADVENT-urous tag project
can be found on the 
Visual Faith Ministry website.
 Check out the project section 
and the free resources.

A thank you to Julie Zimmerman
 and her team for such a well-planned
 and enjoyable time.
May their Advent walk be blessed.

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