Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Bell Caves of Beit Guvrin National Park

Eerily vacant on a cold rainy January day.
The Bell Caves of
 Beit Guvrin National Park in Israel.
 The park attendant told us the park
 was closed because of the wind.
Our guide, Yossi, told him- "not for this bus."

Maresha is the Israelite city 
where Micah was from in the Bible.

Local  Carob in the woodlands
 of the Beit Guvrin area.
 Along the pathways in the park

Who lived in these after the mining?
Who did these walls shelter through the ages?
One of the new places to visit
 on our recent pilgrimage to Israel.
Always more to see.
Our guide Yossi brought
 musical delight to a gray day.
Listen Here:
The lighting was a challenge
 but it is worth a listen.

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