Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Crafting- Open Studio

Well, it seems that the 100th blog post has come around and to make that a special event...

some creative crafting happening around here... some friends, some neighbors, and tonite some
beautiful   "twenty something"- friends of youngest daughter Sara, grace the lower level with glue guns ready and laughter brimming.

So join the fun.....

Started with cereal boxes rolled into tree forms
tags punched form the 1941 edition
of the Lutheran Hymnal
and hot glued around the cone shape
A shredding scissors cuts the edges
 fluff the tags
 add a crinkled bow on top
( from Hug Snug seam binding-)

 the secret is to get it wet
scrunch it
 and roll into a paper towel
 and let dry there -- perfectly crinkled
Vintage look ornaments- doilies and old hymnal pages
Start with a small base doily-- 4 inch doily size
  glue onto cardstock or cardboard base
Fold 12 doilies into a cone shape
Glue onto base with folded side down
 tacky glue works best
so you can pull them up
 and replace if you need to
Make an accordian folded fan circle-
used the hymnal pages-
5 strips-  2 inch wide  and width of page
 use double sided sticky tape to assemble
 hot glue to doily base

The gold snowflake
 is at Target this year-- great deal at 2 for $1
 Comes with the hanger
 so the ornament is ready to hang
The snowflakes come in silver also.
Top with a crinkle bow

and the finishing touch was a piece of my mom's jewelry
Just the right sparkle
 and sentiment
Creating the cone tree forests
The ornament table

 A little bit of Christmas merriment goes home tonite
 to bring a bit of sparkle to apartments all over D.C.
And with that ---- 
 a decade of shared memories
 and recapturing the love that reminds us that--


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