Saturday, August 20, 2011

In the Beginning

A major sign of God nudges is a reoccurring theme in conversations, readings, and daily interactions in my life.   Over and over again in the past few months there has been the "start a blog" refrain......I have turned up the music, flipped the page and changed the subject.  But, it sits there like a lump of unformed clay calling my name- Constance- and the flag waving on top simply says- Just Do It.  
God stating simply that I only need to obey.
So in a fledgling step I move. God has been doing good work all along.  So I will see where He takes the journey. The path so far has been beyond my imagination as He has woven together creative faith expressions, the renovation of my heart and the blessedness of walking along beside other women in their spiritual journey. A large part of His hand has been the people He moved into my life in the past year.  I need to credit Rebecca Ersfeld of Vintage Living and a Repurposed Life as heralding the blowing winds of change.  Her life lived in the creative realm moved me to begin to explore a creative studio dream. Then I met Diane Marra of Adore Him Creations and the story unfolded. It was time to live the dream and begin to do the work of sorting, editing, labeling and arranging life for the spiritual transformation of creative faith expression.
Credits to them and a very understanding and encouraging husband, and the Journey Continues.....I begin to tell the story of nestling into a well-worn and age-old story. The best year of a person's work- Vintage. And Grace- receiving what I do not deserve.
How does the best in the life of Jesus-- the story of the cross, impact my life? What does life look like living in Vintage Grace? The story unfolds.

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  1. Again, you inspire me to do the things that I think that I can't do. Looking forward to being connected with you through your writing. Your words are ALWAYS an inspiration to me. Glad I can hear them even though I don't see you. Blessings on this adventure! May your journey continue to bless my journey -- and now the journey of those who read this!


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