Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bucket list 2012

Brian Head, Utah
Cherry Blossoms- Washington D.C.
Front yard daffodils
Fall garden pot foliage
Flowers from Jessica's and Dan's wedding
Our friend at Fountainhead Park
North Carolina near Blowing Rock
Trees with lights at National Harbor, Maryland

It has taken me a few days to take in all the blog reviews and highlights and I was left feeling a little low.
One after the other were favorite things made or what crafters had done.  Even with the pinterest craze, the handmade items just don't hold a candle to the Greatest Craftsman of all TIME. So my year in review-( even though my blog started late in 2011) just had to be my favorite pics of His creation.

And then as I looked at the lists of resolutions--- (and one fine person had a list of 27 resolved new behaviors for 2012,) I quickly knew that it had to be different for me.  And then it came together this week....  in conversations.  in time spent with friends and neighbors, leading a Bible Class, in quiet study time.......  I Needed to Make My Bucket list for 2012.

But my bucket list encompasses just One thing. One thing over and over.   One thing poured out from a renewed every day bucket of grace..  It is full, heavy and sloshing over the edge in the morning...

 and my goal must be to everyday pour it out, heap it on, tip it over, drain the last drop...

That every evening before I climb into bed a bucket review shows - yup- drained to the last drop..

as I begin every day with a 100% bucket of grace.....   that I end each day with nothing left- 0%

and as my fist clenches to hoard the contents of my Grace Bucket, let my heart loosen the latch that keeps it filled up. May there be a hole in the bottom on some days and I am not even aware of how it slipped away. And on some days may I be VERY AWARE of the costly extravagance of sprinkling it on those I might deem undeserving or those I gave it all to yesterday......

Because then Lord, I take notice that on those days it is YOU transforming my heart, renovating my will, because only with your power can I give when my heart keeps.

So this new year will have me looking and watching for buckets.........they will be my signal, my reminder of just what your good plan is for me in 2012. 

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  1. Love this post! Such beautiful pictures and memories! --Sara


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